"From root to branch, grow strong ~ fly free."

"De raíz a rama, crecer fuerte ~ volar libre."


Nikki FreeSpirit WilkinSon

Creative Arts and Wilderness Psychotherapist,
Coach, Dancer and Celebrant.

I have heard it said that darkest hour is just before the dawn of a new day. My work and service resides in accompanying you through this dark night. Together we journey  into this unknown void  and start to Discover ways in which you can Release and Resolve pain, trauma, grief, loss, fear etc, and consequently Re-discover the Inner Strengths and Qualities. that have been Hidden within you and are waiting to be awoken.  Our pain and loss often leads to us feeling isolated and misplaced in the world, we split off from our bodies our emotion and our whole self. My practice, which is Person Centred, strives to help you process and put the fragments back together, to Reclaim the whole of yourself and your Full Potential. I above all follow you in your needs and rhythm and together we will find the way which most suits you. I work incorporating the creative arts, conscious movement, breathing techniques and nature as these mediums act as a mirror to your internal world and help you to see yourself and your current situation from a different perspective. As you Gain Insight and understanding you are able Initiate the path to Transformation. Become the Hero or Heroine of your story, Build and Embody an Internal Landscape that Nurtures your Soul and Witness your External Reality Change, as you Step into the Dawn of a New Day. “

I have been dedicated, for over 20 years, to a path that taps into the wisdom of the elements and nature, helping people come home to themselves and to their lives.

I am the creator of FreeSpiritMovement, a practice dedicated to enabling people reclaim their inner strength, essence and radiance through dance, the arts, coaching, therapy and mindful movement.

I accompany and help people who are especially struggling with: Body and Image Issues – Isolation- Stress AnxietyLoss/Grief Depression.

Individual Consultations online via zoom/skype or presential – 60€

Block of 4 Individual Consultations online via zoom/skype or presential – 200€

For more information and for pricing for couples and family group consultations please contact me @ freespiritmovement3@gmail.com  


Here is a link to the Spinning Stones for you a book that I have just published.. It is available on Amazon to purchase. Pease click on the link for more information.
front cover stones june 2020


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