Messages From Mother Earth


22-26 April 2020

This 5-day experience will take you on a sacred journey into yours’ and the Earths’ heart centre.

This is a unique opportunity to join 3 highly recognised teachers who will be gathering together at this beautiful organic retreat to share their knowledge and wisdom of Earth Medicine. Myself Nikki Wilkinson of, Jackie Winters of And Fabienne Barros a qualified Vedic Palmist

The retreat is located amidst sacred land in Sierra Cabrera ( An Andalusian Mountain Range). The vibrations of the elements here, water, air, land and light, are exceptionally pure.

This retreat will nourish your soul and leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised, nourished and replenished in your body, mind and soul.

During the 5 days you will
Embody the purest and softest frequencies of Mother Earth and the rhythm of this land. Find peace, balance, love, joy, truth and connect to your inner teacher.

Tune into the highest aspects of your being and realign your rhythms to the divine source.

Become aware of and let yourself be nourished by the unconditional love of Mother Earth. Connect with the wisdom and healing of the elements water, earth, fire and air.

Become a vibrational channel of healing, love, joy, wisdom, truth, balance and peace.

Offer your blessings, gratitude and healing for the greater good, nurturing the collective consciousness and the planet. Taking your intention and healing out into the greater web of life.

We are the  guardians of the earth and during these 4 days we will dedicate our time to connecting to the wisdom of the land and elements that will guide and  help us fulfill our purposes and dreams.

Do you feel it is necessary to realign yourself with your  source?

Do you feel that the Earth is sacred?

If so, do not hesitate … follow your heart and come, join us on this sacred journey to the mountains. It will take you to the center of your being and universal soul.

This retreat will include:

Crystal Therapy; including sacred geometry, gridding and specific layouts
Channelling from the crystalline Matrix

Vedic Palmistry, Connect with this science and ancestral art of the Vedas of India. Know and understand the wisdom and mystery of the lines in your hand to grow and realise the maximum potential of your being in this life.

Medicinal Dance: Reclaiming and honoring our physical, emotional and spiritual body as a divine instrument to embody the beauty and harmony of our true essence with the rhythms of life.

FreeSpiritMovement:  Movement meditation is the essence of free and fluid movement.

Yoga, Active and guided Meditations.

Ceremony  and Sound Healing

Medicine Walks

Mudras, Chanting

Journeying to the Spiral Rock teacher


Vegetarian Organic Diet: Breakfast, Lunch and Supper

Tea and coffee


Total price for the 5 days 650€

Please note that flights and transfers are not included but we can arrange airport pickups for you 



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