The vital balance

4 days dedicated to the holistic care of your body, soul and environment.

Savor life in its fullness and experience the joy of all of your senses in this unique experience of full presence that will awaken and move your energetic, physical and emotional body through dance, the Meditation, food and nature.

With an International Master Chef (Jean Michel Mariette) you will learn to prepare and make conscious food. Become aware of the properties of the ingredients how they are blended and mixed and how this daily task becomes a prayer and sacred ritual.

With Nikki WilkinSun, teacher and coach of dance, mindfulness and conscious movement. You will learn flexibility, strength and breathing techniques that enable you to listen to your body on a deeper level and move with more fluidity and balance. Achieve more harmony with yourself and your surroundings. The practice of FreeSpiritMovement is the dance of your soul in prayer.

Enter into your internal silence and emptiness to contemplate the moment through the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

€ 550 per person includes accommodation, food and all activities.

The retreat will begin on Friday afternoon at 3 pm every day there will be spaces and workshops of movement, conscious cooking, meditation, Nature walks, yoga and dance and much more.

The food and meals you are going to learn and prepare is all organic and vegetarian.

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