Transformational One to One Mountain Retreat

This is the perfect opportunity to step away from the hassle and bustle of everyday life and come back home to you. This soft and inviting place is the perfect location to relax into. Enjoy delicious vegetarian homemade organic food and daily practices of yoga, movement, meditation, and medicine walks that are all designed to meet your own unique needs and requirements. Allow the wisdom of the natural world to speak to you. Enhance your creativity. Connect to your body, , Awaken your senses, free your spirit to become the creator of a new landscape and to Manifest your dreams and goals,


This experience is open to individuals, couples, and small groups who are looking for a more personal one-to-one experience. The program is tailored to your specific needs and requirements with daily practices of meditation, yoga, mindful movement, medicine walks, and creative arts.


During this experience you will move from an inner space of awareness and understanding to an outer and wider space of connection and liberation.

“Fall into the landscape of your soul and create tthe landscape of your dreams enabling you yo move freely and fearlessly. ”

The flexibility of dates and duration and provides an opportunity to go deeper on any level or issue that you feel you want to face and change.

Maybe you are standing at a crossroads, looking for guidance to help you find the clarity and confidence to move forward?

Whatever it is that you feel maybe holding you back or blocking you, we will work together to help you in this moment of transition and transformation to find the confidence, clarity, and insight that you are searching for. Before you come you will offered a preparation program which will help you to develop and set your intention before coming and also together we will put together a program that fits your needs and requests.

You will look into adopted patterns that maybe repetitive and no longer serve you.

This is the perfect space for rest and respite if you are feeling burnt out.

You will be given specific practices and techniques that help you to release and restore balance .

With couples, we look together at adressing issues of stagnation, isolation, and disconnection that often arise in relationships.

Wherever you are at and whatever you need together, we will co-create a unique experience that is tailored specifically to your needs, offering you the perfect space and opportunity to stop, connect, liberate, replenish, relax, and transform.

-One Horse-assisted psychotherapy therapy is included in the price of the intensive programmes on this retreat, a mindful workshop in which you will have the opportunity to connect to the wisdom of this incredible animal.

Included in the Retreat Program is the practice of

Mindful movement
Medicine Walks
Creative arts
Shunyata healing
1 horse assited mindul therapy workshop.(intensive programme)

You can add sessions to your programme send me a message for more information about the tailoring of your exclusive retreat and programme.

Accomodation and Location

The location is exquisite as the rural house is located in the mountains of sierra Cabrera in Andalucia. Look out onto open wide spaces where you can really connect to the peace and tranquility of the natural place. There is an untouched beauty about this land and place that is a true privilige and the perfect place for rest respite and tranquility.

The accomodation is incredibly comfortable and homely with spacious rooms with a private ajoining room for meditation and practice that connects onto a private terrace that looks out onto the mountains for your own exclusive use and enjoyment.


There are various options to choose from
One person 3 days basic programme 380€ (6 hours teaching) intensive programme  570€ (14 hours teaching)  Please send a message if you would like to add on extra days. For couples there is a 15% discount per person and for groups there is 25% discount per person.

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