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RedEarthFeet integrates in a unique and original way mind, body and soul with knowledge, movements and rhythms from diverse cultures.13434803_1028806203834032_1056709596454771668_n

It leads us on a journey not only of personal discovery, but also of deep connection and awareness to our bodies and to our environment, connecting us to our inner wisdom and root.
RedEarthFeet helps us to connect, externalize, express and balance our sensations and emotions through dance, the arts and ceremony.
We move, heal and develop our ability to express ourselves freely through movement, dance and artistic expression. Acquiring this way, a deep understanding of various rhythms and their power to awaken and release inhibitions.
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RedEarthFeet invites us to return, connect, embrace and love our inner and private world as much as our outer and shared world.
In a spiral we dance, celebrate and embrace our sacred and core centre and our community in the tribal circle.
RedEarth Feet connects us to a universal language it is our way of expressing and communicating on a more ancestral and authentic level.



Roots to Branches.

Roots and Healing

Amazon Warrior

Power and Strength


Death and Transformation

 Aphrodite´s Fountain

   Sacred Sexuality

Weaving The Wheel     10672390_779053135476008_5186006172761295734_n

  5 Elements

(Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Ether)

Eclipse Movement

The masculine within the feminine and the feminine within the masculine reclaiming our sacred union.

You do not need any prior experience in either dance or movement practices to participate. Please come in loose comfortable clothing.



The 7 Energy Centres

From root to branch there is a path to discover, share, and discover.”

During 1 year we embark on a journey that enters the 7 energetic centres (known as the chakras) to achieve a more integrated and harmonious connection with ourselves, with others and within the community.

We will work within a safe space of containment, in which we establish equality and balance, as we connect with the chakras through movement, breathing, guided meditation, voice, artistic creation and active listening.

The course consists of:

9 Modules – 6 hours each (540 hours total)

1. Introductory Weekend

Introductory module in which you will begin to connect to your rhythm, your body, and your personal and shared space. The main focus is on creating a safe space of containment and on the course guidelnes.

2 Strengthening Roots


Module focused on our physical connection to the element, Earth, as a solid base of support.

3. Flowing River


Module focused on our energy in movement and in the channeling of our E-motions.

4. Awakening the flame


Empowerment module focused on increasing a sense of personal value and confidence from the inner strength of our core center.

5. Extending Branches


Module focused on our full heart connection, breathing and unconditional love.

6. Singing Between Eagles.


Module focused on the libration and purification of the silenced voice that communicates our inner truth.

7. Opening Perspectives


Module focused on opening our intuitive vision to contemplate and manifest our dreams and desires.

8. The Transcendence


Module focused on connecting to ether and to our  spiritual beliefs.

9. Dancing the Rainbow.


Module focused on the unification of all of  the chakras celebrating ourselves and the path we have laid out along the course together in a colorful farewell that honors the path we choose to take from here on ..

For more information  prices etc contact me via the contact link.



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