An Internal Alchemy that combines our bodies energies with the earth and cosmos

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We are a Divine Instrument


An intuitive, authentic, spontaneous and freeing approach that puts our E-motions into Motion.

This is a practice for every person who is looking for a deeper connection to their energetic, physical and spiritual body.

Our intention is to finely tune and unite these bodies through spontaneous movement. rhythm, breathwork, meditation, Asanas (Postures), Mudras (Hand Gestures), vibrational sound and silence.

This practice enables us to find the point of balance between discipline and fluidity, it stretches, softens, and releases the body, journeys to the inner world, heightens self awareness and calms the mind leaving you centered and connected to your core.  This way of work encourages the river of your life to flow towards the open ocean of the universe.


It is: “The essential breath of fluid movement.”


Awaken and allow the beauty of  your inner soul dancer to emerge.2019-08-24 00.14.39

In this practice we awaken all of our senses and are  guided to enter a world of infinite possibilities.

This  dance shape shifts us into diverse states of awareness bringing about  healing and  transformation.

dance therapy

This Practice guides us to a sacred inner landscape where our roots become stronger, our river becomes clearer, our flame becomes brighter, our breath becomes deeper, our spirit becomes freer and our life becomes a prayer of gratitude.


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 FreeSpiritMovement offers the practice of  Yogic Dance


The word yoga means “union.” It is the unification of our individual experience (and consciousness) of reality with the consciousness (and essence) of our supreme divinity that resides within us all.

circle dt


Our body is an exquisite instrument with immense potential, if we dedicate time to consciously tune it, the melody of our soul will sound more clearly  This is the song of our soul that sounds from within and dances its vibration to the outer world.

There resides within us an unlimited potential waiting to radiate and flourish in an exquisite dance that celebrates our eternal being.


“I invite you to enter this this journey with me that will take you in and outside of yourself “

   Nikki Simone WilkinSun

For more information please contact me on the email or telephone number provided on the main page.


Soul Therapy


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